T.Ware T.Jacket

The T.Ware T.Jacket is an interesting concept that provides virtual hugs in real life. This wearable vest provides deep hugs to comfort or calm stressed or anxious people. The vest makes use of customizable air pressure compression that is... Read more

Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch is anticipated to be one of the most innovative, groundbreaking and stylish smart watches we have seen to date. This is no surprise coming from Apple, as they have a long history of innovation in various industries... Read more

Im Watch

The Im Watch is the world’s first real smart watch. The I’m Watch is like having your personal life and social life on your wrist. Rather than fumbling in your pockets to pick up a device, or cringing every time a product slips through your... Read more

Pebble Steel

The Pebble Steel is a smart watch that caters to you and looks great doing it. You can tell more than just time with the thousands of apps that are available from the Pebble app store. Keep in touch, get around town, pay on-the-go, or play a... Read more

PHTL Hot Edge

The PHTL Hot Edge is the hottest smart watch around. It is one of iReviews 2014 top pics for smart watches, as it is one of the best value smart watches on the market. The Hot Edge is a smart watch that works with iPhone, Android and Windows... Read more